Setting up WebDAV access to Icedrive with RClone


This tutorial will explain how to set up a remote storage on your Linux machine using RClone.


Hardware amd64 VPS
OS Debian 10 Buster


  1. Docker
  2. docker-compose
  3. Internet Domain

Step by Step Instructions

1. Add DNS entry to your domain.

A domain of your choice needs to point to the address of your server.

2. Change to root user

sudo -s

3. Installation of additional Dependencies

apt update
apt install -y certbot nginx

4. Create user user and add persistence

useradd --system --create-home --uid 755 --gid 754 --shell /bin/bash --password <your-password-here> rclone
mkdir -p /home/rclone/data/mount
mkdir -p /home/rclone/data/cache
mkdir /home/rclone/config
chown -R rclone:rclone /home/rclone

5. Prepare server

Create and open docker-compose.yaml:

cd /home/srv
touch docker-compose.yaml
chmod 600 docker-compose.yaml
nano docker-compose.yaml

Paste the following configuration into the file:

version: '3.3'

    container_name: nodebb
    image: nilsramsperger/nodebb:v1.13.3
    init: true
      - 4567:4567
      - /home/nodebb/data:/var/lib/redis
      - /home/nodebb/files:/opt/nodebb/public/uploads
      - /home/nodebb/config:/etc/nodebb
      - 'url=https://forum.domain.tld'
      - 'bcrypt_rounds=16' # set higher for powerful server, lower for tiny servers; min. 12, max. 31 (ultra slow)
    restart: unless-stopped

Run server:

docker-compose up -d

8. Set up server

Visit your website: https://sub.domain.tld

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Do no change any database related settings.

Just enter the Admin's username, password and e-mail address. (E-Mail address does not need to be valid; won't be sent to.)
Then press the launch button and log in with your Admin account.