[Emergency] How to install VitaShell from scratch


This tutorial will explain how to set up VitaShell on your console after accidentally formatting your memory card or just deleting VitaShell. The VitaShell is an absolutely essential part of any CFW'd PS Vita. If you don't have access to VitaShell on your CFW'd PS Vita, you barely can take advantage of the CFW in the first place.

This tutorial assumes that you have nothing prepared. Some steps, like logging into the PS Vita and setting up the Content Manager on the PC is something you probably have already done, anyway, but they are essential for this guide to work, so they are part of this tutorial, too.


Hardware amd64
OS Windows 10 2004


  1. QCMA
  3. Playstation Content Manager
  4. Playstation Account
  5. Internet connection on the Vita

Step by Step Instructions

1. Install (if applicable) the above software, seen in the Dependencies section.

2. If not logged in, log into the PS Vita with your Playstation Network account.

3. Set up the Content Manager, by connecting the PS Vita to the computer and managing the Vita. Keep the configuration folder for the backups, etc. of the PS Vita.

4. Let the database be built and make sure the default folder for Applications/Backup Files set in the Content Manager's settings has some new content now.

5. Run QCMA and set the Use this version for updates to either 3.60 if your PS Vita is currently on version 3.60 or else just keep it on FW 0.00.

6. Don't change the default folders in QCMA. They have to match the folders in the Content Manager software on the computer.

6. Launch Content Manager on the PS Vita, then select Copy Content, as usual.

7. Run psvimgtools-frontend.

8. You are greeted with a small pop-up window, offering you Easy Installers, Backup Manager and Account Manager. If this pop-up does not appear and errors are visible in the psvimgtools-frontend's log window, then you messed up the default folders for the Content Manager in the previous section. You have to be logged into your PSN account on the Vita, then set up Content Manager, keep the default folders and then try this step again.

9. Select your account that you used to log into your PS Vita. This is usually shown as the e-mail address you used for the PSN account, in the psvimgtools-frontend window.

10. Now you see a list of software. Select VitaShell and press Install.

11. Right-click the QCMA try icon and select Refresh Database.

12. Return to the opened and connected Content Manager on your Vita.

13. Go to PS Vita System => Applications => PS Vita and select VitaShell, then press Copy. Wait for the process to finish.

14. VitaShell is now installed on your PS Vita. You can now use your CFW'd PS Vita properly, once again.

One should always keep backups, to prevent such emergency situation.