How to use a large microSD with a PSP-[123]000


This tutorial will explain how to set up a big microSD card, that usually cannot be formatted with the PSP. It will show you how to manually format and prepare the microSD, so it can be used in your PSP-1000, PSP-2000 and PSP-3000.


Hardware amd64

Windows 10 - 2004


Transcend 330S 256GB


  1. microSD -> Memory Stick PRO DUO adapter

  2. microSD -> USB-A adapter

  3. microSD, that is small enough and already works on your PSP (32GB max)

  4. microSD (128GB and up)

  5. PSP-1000, PSP-2000 or PSP-3000

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Make sure to successfully eject the storage medium in Windows, every time you are asked to unplug a microSD, to avoid data corruption and further human errors.

  2. Get guiformat64.

  3. Plug in your microSD card into your computer.

  4. If you need to, back up stuff from your microSD, as everything will be deleted from your card in the next steps.

  5. Open guiformat64 and select your microSD.

  6. Make absolutely sure you selected your microSD and not something else.

  7. Force FAT32 the microSD with guiformat64 (keep default settings, don't change anything).

  8. Now, use a smaller microSD that is guaranteed to work in the PSP.

  9. Back up its contents, if necessary. All data on this microSD will be deleted in the next steps, as well.

  10. Plug the microSD into the adapter and then the whole thing into the PSP.

  11. Format the card within the PSP.

  12. Plug that microSD into your computer.

  13. Copy ALL files from this microSD card to your big microSD you formatted in step 7.

  14. Now plug in your big microSD into the adapter and then the whole thing into the PSP.

  15. The big microSD should be recognized and ready to use now.