ME vs LME vs PRO - Which CFW should I use on my PSP?


Sometimes, PSP users who want to install custom firmware on their device, do a little bit of research about the different CFWs available and come across ME, LME and PRO. Here I will explain which one you should choose and why.

The Best CFW

Generally, CFW users tend to say that it does not matter, which one you choose. However, there are slight differences between the different choices, that are enough to easily make out the best candidate.

ME is one of the oldest CFWs, LME is more or less the successor to ME, as it did support newer PSP devices, that weren't supported by ME. Whereas PRO is pretty much the successor to both ME & LME, being the newest one. It is also partially based on the predecessors, even though the name is entirely different.

As PRO is the newest one, it is also the one with the latest updates & features. One of the most important features PRO gives you is that it goes beyond the undocumented hard-coded file limit that ME has, which means you can never use more than 130 ISO games on your PSP. If you put more than 130 games onto your ME enabled device, then the extra games simply won't ever show in the game browser.

I encountered this issue coincidentally when I broke the 130 games mark on my 256GB microSD card. That is also when I compared ME's option menu to PRO's and both have pretty much all the same settings, besides one or two that have become unimportant nowadays, anyway. Therefore, especially with such huge SD cards, it makes really sense to just use PRO over (L)ME.

PRO does not have any noticable trade-offs, but it offers the higher file limit, which may be important, still today.

If the PRO CFW does not have its own file limit, then the file limit depends on the PSP's own official file limit, which is 1000 files in the ISO folder.


Due to aforementioned reasons, you should use PRO!