Remove permanent CFW from your PSP-[123]000


This article explains how you can remove custom firmware from your PSP by downgrading it to the original firmware of version 6.60. This can be useful if you want to put a different custom firmware on your device, than the one being currently on your device and you do not want to just overwrite the old one with the new one.

This procedure was executed on a PSP-1000 with ME-2.3 CFW installed on firmware version 6.61. If you are on a lower firmware version, I am not sure if you can use this procedure, however I assume it should be possible.


  1. Download the file PSPdowngrade660.7z, which is attached to this article.
  2. Extract its content onto your PSP's microSD card root.
  3. Open the Chronoswitch Downgrader application, just like any other game.
  4. Confirm the downgrade with the X button.
  5. After the PSP restarted, you are greeted with the official update installation screen.
  6. Go through the steps of installing the original firmware.
  7. After some time, the original firmware is installed and the device will reboot.
  8. Now completely shut off your device (long sliding the turn off button) and turn it on, again.
  9. If you go to your System Settings -> System Information, you should see now that the permanent CFW has been removed and the PSP's firmware has the original firmware installed.

As far as I have seen, this is not the same as a factory reset, because it does not reset the device settings.